Business Plan Training – Developing the entrepreneurial skills of Kosovo youth

The purpose of this training is to develop the skills of young Kosovo people in the area of entrepreneurship, through teaching them how to start their businesses and develop business plans. Based on the training modules, the selected participants will be able to engage themselves in the areas of their interest, create networking and get motivated to start their own businesses in Kosovo. They will be able to learn the basics of entrepreneurship and their potential to develop an innovative entrepreneurial mindset. These young people will be able to understand how to put together a business plan while following the local and regional market trends and conditions. During the Global Entrepreneurship Week the participants will have the opportunity to learn how to make better decisions while fulfilling their mission and vision of their future companies. Some of the key training topics are listed below:

1. What is a business plan?

2. What makes a business plan effective?

3. The structure, preparation and drafting a business plan.

4. Cover and executive summary.

5. Analysis of the market.

6. Discussion of individual plans and the presentation of strengths and weaknesses in each plan.

7. Relevance of the plan in the current target product.

8. Planning materialization of the business plan.

Creating a sustainable and creative business environment presents the best opportunity for Kosovo youth to strengthen their capacity and independent skills. Consequently, supporting and providing opportunities to generate new business ideas, mentoring and promoting a culture of entrepreneurship represents an important investment sector in Kosovo.